Sonny founded OVER THE TRANSOM BOOKSTORE in Fairhope and its annual literary conference, SOUTHERN WRITERS READING . He is also board chairman and founder of the non-profit FAIRHOPE CENTER FOR WRITING ARTS.

Sonny wrote and self-published three books: REMBRANDT THE ROCKER, an illustrated parable on aging that poses as a children's book; A YIN FOR CHANGE, a book of "dime-store" philosophy; and a ghost-written biography of Clarence Darrow. Brewer is the former editor-in-chief of Mobile, Alabama's city magazine, MOBILE BAY MONTHLY; he also published and edited The Eastern Shore Quarterly magazine and edited RED BLUFF REVIEW. He was a reporter on his college newspaper, and co-edited The Southern Bard literary magazine at the University of South Alabama.

Sonny’s training as a writer began with his first real job at 15, where he flipped burgers as a short-order cook at Woody’s Drive-In in Millport, Alabama. His story-telling education continued as service station attendant, pants folder, folk singer, used car salesman, sailor and electronics technician in the U.S. Navy, tugboat deckhand, traveling used tire salesman, carpenter, building contractor, real estate salesman, purveyor of collectible automobiles, magazine editor, newspaper columnist, teacher, lecturer, and coffeehouse manager. Sonny knuckled down in there somewhere and collected a couple of college degrees, which might or might not have helped. Knowing that a writer never lets the truth stand in the way of a good story, Sonny believes he is missing some critical experience in embellishment: He has not yet made a bid for political office nor preached a tent revival—though, regarding the latter, he has always hankered to do so, choosing not to, however, under threat of divorce.

Preproduction work continues on the movie adaptation of THE POET OF TOLSTOY PARK, to be directed by Jeremy Kagan whose previous directing work includes "The Journey Of Natty Gann" and "The Chosen" based on Chaim Potok's novel. Kagan recently won an emmy for directing an episode of the hit TV series "Chicago Hope." THE POET OF TOLSTOY PARK screenplay was written by Tom Epperson who wrote, among other things, "The Gift" starring Cate Blanchett, and "A Family Thing" starring Robert Duvall and James Earl Jones. Epperson is frequently a writing partner with Billy Bob Thornton.

Sonny is represented by Amy Rennert of Amy Rennert Agency in San Francisco.

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